One year in Accesto

    In September we are celebrating the birthday of Accesto, this year we will turn 7. For me it’s a double anniversary because a year ago in September I joined the team. Using this opportunity, I would like to summarize this period as well as show how our work looks like… Read More

    Page Object Pattern

    As important and critical unit tests are to our applications, functional testing of the front part should be a must part of any project too. At Accesto we use a combination of Selenium browser automation tool, Facebook's WebDriver and PHPUnit framework to make sure the user interface is working as expected from the day one. Read More

    Project Release Checklist

    At Accesto we recently came up with a project release checklist that helps us to make sure that we did not miss anything. It helped us a lot during the last releases and ensured peace of mind. Forgetting about any of those tasks might cause bad things happen - bad user experience, performance issues or even security breaches - having such a checklist makes it easier to ensure we took care of everything. Read More

    Docker - from development to production

    We have the technical introduction covered in our previous post. Now let’s see how Docker helps to build, run and maintain an application. Application development phase Development is usually the first phase where Docker brings some extra value. As mentioned in the technical introduction, Docker comes with… Read More

    Docker - Basic Concepts

    If you are not familiar with containerization, then here are the most common benefits that make it worth digging deeper into this concept: Docker allows you to build an application once and then execute it in all your environments no matter what the differences between them. Docker helps you… Read More

    Law of Demeter in Testing Web Applications

    Writing a testable code of an application is as important as writing tests itself. While testing, besides S.O.L.I.D. (single responsibility, open-closed, Liskov substitution, interface segregation and dependency inversion – the five basic principles of object-oriented programming and design), compliance with the Law of Demeter may come in handy as well. Read More

    Solving Problems, Not Solutions - How Time and Materials Pricing Model Motivates Your Vendor

    The topic of the time & materials pricing model is becoming a frequent topic in business conversations. Especially between software development vendors and their clients. If you are the later, you are wondering whether going with the time and materials model is worth the risk. A cooperation that does not… Read More

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